BFH 401

The BFH 401 is a hydraulic forestry mulcher for excavators from 14 to 35 tons. It can be fitted with the MXcut rotor and with carbide (OF12) or free carbide teeth (OFMX1).

Marteau sans carbure rotor MXcutMarteau avec carbure rotor MXcut
Free carbide teeth (OFMX1)Double carb tips (OF12)

For lower tonnage, the BFH 301 or BFH 351 will be more suitable.

  • Excavator: 14-35 tons
  • Rotor widths: 1 m / 1,2 m / 1,5 m
  • Fixed teeth : simple (OF5) or double (OF6, OF12) carbide tips or carbide free (OFMX1)

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