Forestry mulchers

Our forestry mulchers can be fitted to tractors or tool carriers with PTO. They are equipped with fixed teeth with single or double carbide tips. The range comprises nine models: BF 401, BF 500, BF 501, BF 552, BF 600, BF 602, BF 652, BF 702 and BF 752. Each of them can be adapted to the width you require.

Highlights of our rotors

Our forestry mulchers are built to be easy to maintain and reliable. They are designed with:

  • a bolted shaft on both sides of the rotor
  • an anti-wire cut from solid, bolted and interchangeable
  • side teeth to prevent deposit build-up at the end of the rotor

Hydraulic rake and door

On our mulchers, the hydraulic rake and door are equippe with two public works cylinders to ensure strength. To make your work easier and smoother, these two elements have been designed so that no interference occurs when either is opened or closed.

BF 40170 à 160 cv
BF 50070 à 120 cv
BF 50190 à 200 cv
BF 552150 à 250 cv
BF 600200 à 320 cv
BF 602250 à 400 cv
BF 652300 à 600 cv
BF 702300 à 600 cv
BF 752300 à 600 cv
BF BOBCATNous contacter directement
Some models are available in reinforced, US or hydraulic versions.

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