Hydraulic forestry mulchers

We design and manufacture hydraulic forestry mulchers for excavators from 8 to 35 tons. They are the ideal tools for maintenance and mulching work (pond banks, demolition or road edges, etc.).

Our range comprises three models: BFH 301, BFH 351 and BFH 401. Each model can be adapted to the desired width. The hydraulic motor is adapted to the excavator’s flow rate and pressure. In this way, power is optimized and our hydraulic forestry mulchers achieve optimum performance.

We also offer an MXcut rotor equipped with single or double carbide or not tips. This rotor makes it possible to clear undergrowth with a cleaner cut.

BFH 3018 to 14 tons
BFH 35111 to 18 tons
BFH 40114 to 35 tons

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