Stones crushers

Our range of stone crushers offers the best ratio of consumption to surface area processed. It includes seven models: BM 401, BM 501, BM 550, BM 600, BM 602 and BM 702.

Oversized bearings, HLE and HARDOX frames, public works cylinders, high frequency treated rods, reinforced axle bearings and much more make the difference in the robustness of our stone crushers.

Working in wet conditions or in the forest is no problem for this category of mulchers.

Our stones crushers allows to:

  • Crushing of limestone stones
  • Allows to crush vegetation
  • Works in dry and wet conditions
  • Crushing of agricultural land to remove stones
  • Rehabilitation of trails and forest roads
  • Crushing of low walls, hedges and coppices around agricultural plots
  • Preparation of platforms before construction
  • Crushing stones on ski slopes, mountain bike paths in the mountains
BM 40170 to 120 hp
BM 501100 to 140 hp
BM 550110 to 200 hp
BM 600170 to 260 hp
BM 602200 to 400 hp
BM 702300 to 500 hp

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